Easy Stay at Home Activity

Being a stay at home mom I’m always looking for different things to do with my kids. Some things are nice and aesthetic others are on a whim and simply involve using what I have right in front of us. This happens to be one of those “on a whim” activities.

What you will need:

-A big box

-Plenty colorful balls


-Construction paper


You’ll want to draw circles on top of the box using one of the balls. How many colors you have is how many circles you’ll draw. Once you have them drawn cut them out using the scissors or whatever you have on hand. I used scissors.

Depending on the color of balls you have to pick your color construction paper. Now in my head, this was going to look so neat. The construction paper was going to be cut out in circles to fit the ones I cut out on the box and everything would look great. Yeah, that didn’t happen, SO I improvised. I cut the circle snaps construction paper in half and taped one part to the top of the circle on the box & one on the bottom.

Also, notice I didn’t paint or cover the box with anything so you can still see what was in the box. Again this is on a whim, no time for all that extra stuff these kiddos needed some action and FAST!

After the holes are cut and the construction paper is on throw the balls inside and let the kids have at it. Obviously, the purpose of the activity is for them to place the correct color ball into the correct hole. Did my kids do that? For the first 5-7 minutes yes then they decided to use the box as a whack-a-ball activity and grabbed a toy hammer to bang the balls into the holes. My daughter decided to get inside the box and throw the balls outside of the holes instead of putting them in.

Hey, whatever they want to do with it let them. You can explain how it works, but in the end their imagination will take over and they’ll start to do their own thing. It occupied them long enough for me to finish my cup of tea and that’s all that really mattered to me. Haha!

By the end of the activity they were doing their own thing. Grabbing other boxes we had and adding them in.

I hope you enjoy the activity and remember you can NEVER go wrong with a box. Children’s imagination expands far beyond what we think. My little ones love boxes. They make up different things every time we get a new box. It’s a great occupant!

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