Summer Pasta Recipe

When I think about summer the first thing that comes to mind is sunshine and outside cookouts with the fam, and what better side dish to go with that than some pasta salad!

Pasta salad is a weakness of mine. I can eat an ENTIRE bowl if I don’t stop myself, and I’m not talking about a small bowl I’m talking about the GIANT serving bowl you put the pasta in.

I came up with an alternative way to make my pasta salad a bit healthier. Instead of using a ton of ranch & mayonnaise that isn’t very good, I switched some ingredients up.

Originally I used chickpea pasta, but this time around I decided to use some organic regular pasta instead.

Cook your pasta and chop up your veggies while the pasta is cooking.

Once your pasta is cooked drain it & rinse with cold water. This helps the pasta cool down quickly.

Place cool pasta in a bowl & add in your veggies. I don’t usually measure anything when I do cooking. You’ll want to add the other ingredients as needed, depending on your taste.

I added about 4 spoon fulls of mayonnaise, a couple of squirts of mustard, quite a bit of avocado oil, and several shakes of salt and pepper.

Mix everything up together and once you’ve got it tasting just right you are


Now that you’ve followed along and created my pasta salad, head over to my friends’ pages to see what you’ll be making with them. Just simply click on a photo below to take you to their blog!

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