Mama-Care Time

Can you guess what’s today’s topic?


Why? Because even though a gazillion people talk about this I’m sure I want to be a gazillion & 1 in case someone missed the memo! 😉

To start off I was one of those people who thought “I don’t need me time. I’m fine just giving my all to my children & my family. I’d rather get stuff done than “waste” it on myself. You know what I have to say to that gal? HA! Y’all it is completely OKAY if that is how you feel & where you’re at, but I just want to say, TAKE THAT TIME FOR YOU!

It can be a drive/walk around the black. A trip to target. A cup of coffee or tea. Reading a book. Taking a bath or even a 5min shower to WASH your hair (in momhood this is kind of a big deal)! Something anything that just you ALONE w/o little humans involved. I mean I put my face mask on so quickly that I got it literally everywhere on my face 😅 lips & eyebrows included, because I was a bit too excited about this time for myself. That & I knew the kids may wake up, so I needed to be a bit fast. BUT I did it anyway!

This is what I do:

I picked a day, Sunday, & on this day no matter how late I shower first but then hop in the bath tub. I use my bath salts, essential oil, do a face mask, listen to some music or a podcast, get my skincare routine in, & do my body care (is that a thing? Lol) these products are specifically for Sunday’s only.

-Arbonne Rescue & Renew Detox Soak

-Detox Face Mask

-Essential Lavender Oil

-Detox Rose Body Mist

-Detox Rose Body Butter

-Brightening serum

-Intelligence Counter Spot Essence

After the cleaning is done & the kids lose their eyes I have this time for myself. Yeah not every week this gets done because sometimes I’m too exhausted or I’m doing other things that I forget, but I have decided to dedicate at least 3 times of of the month to myself & this is what I have chosen. The kids did interrupt at first & ali Rae ended up in the bath with me at times, but I still got it done.

I give my children & my family everything I have in me. I make sure they have all they need. I make sure my home is neat & that my “Get Done” list has been accomplished for the most part & I enjoy every single bit of it, but I also love taking those few minutes for me. Even if it’s at 10/11pm at night & I could be folding clothes or cleaning the kitchen THAT CAN WAIT, right now it’s about me!

I felt bad at first. I felt I needed to spend my time on something else that be I fired my family because I’m a mom & a wife & I can’t just do something for myself without having it impact my family as well. You know what it does impact my family when I take time for me. Why? Because I am recharging. We as mamas give & give & our battery gets lower & lower every time. This is my way of recharging so I can my family the green part of my batter life not the red trying to hang on by going in to the yellow to save some battery life.

Take time for yourself gal pal. Take that 5-20min or even longer. Do something for you that benefits you! Recharge your battery. Relax. The mess can wait. The chores can wait. The kids will be FINE. The house will be FINE. I’m one of those women who heard the “it’s okay” thing & STILL did nothing for myself, so I am her to say it really is okay. It may feel weird at times. You may feel bad at first but push through because in the end it’ll be better for your family & yourself.

Take the time girl!

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