Veggie Pasta

Let’s make some VEGGIE PASTA!

Pasta is my go-to for many things, but when I get to add some veggies in and my children actually eat it all, that’s a huge bonus for me! So, let me tell you how to make it for you and you family to enjoy!




Yellow squash




3 cloves of Garlic


Tomato sauce

Tomato paste



Italian seasoning



Garlic powder

Olive oil

Now let’s get into the directions:

1. Chop up ingredients if they’re fresh. I used some frozen broccoli and squash and spinach that I had frozen myself, but chopped everything else.

2. Heat up a sauce pan w/ olive oil in it. Once heated add in spices, chives, garlic and tomatoes to toast.

3. Once a bit Torsten add in the rest of your veggies!

4. Mix together so the spices cover all the veggies. Cover & let it simmer until the veggies are soften. Stir occasionally.

5. After veggies are all cooked add in your tomato paste & sauce. Because I used frozen veggies the water from them helped make the sauce less thick. If you need to add a bit of water until you get a consistency you like.

6. Finally add in your noodles! I used some bow tie pasta that I had already made and stored form the other day. You can use your own preference and the pasta while you’re making the veggie and sauce. I add my pasta to the sauce you can leave them separate.

TIP: I measure absolutely nothing so, use your taste and what you like best to adjust your spices and flavor.

All done, now SERVE and ENJOY!

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