Sand-like Sensory Bin

I don’t know about you but I struggle to find different things to use as a sensory bin for my kiddos. It’s so silly when I think about it because a sensory bin can literally be ANYTHING! I think I get caught up in the fact that it has to look cute and aesthetically pleasing, but you can go into your pantry, find something you don’t use ever, and stick it in a bin add some toys and BAM sensory bin.

Today I’m sharing with you how I made this sandlike sensory bin.




Food coloring (optional)


Baggy’s (optional)


Alright, I tried this 2 different ways. The first one didn’t work that well so I had to improvise.


1. Pour Cheerios in blender and blend. You can stop here and just add it to a bin.

2. Separate Cheerios into different bags.

Here’s where I went wrong. I thought adding a bit of water and coloring to the bags would help mix it easier in the baggy. WRONG!

3. I mixed water and food coloring in separate little cup things (I don’t know the name haha).

4. I poured a baggy into a bowl/Tupperware then added the coloring mix.

5. I used my hands to mix it in and then poured it into my bin.

6. I let it sit overnight you don’t have to. It doesn’t dry completely but it does dry a bit more if you leave it.

And you are done! Add in some toys of your choice. Spoons kitchen utensils whatever you want and let the kids have at it!

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