49 Days

49 Days.

There are 49 days left in this year. It’s been a hard one for many. One big emotional rollercoaster. There has been darkness, but in the middle of that dark, there has been light.

My question for you is what are you going to do with the 49 days that are left?

Are you going to put your goals on hold & save them for the new year?

Are you going to keep procrastinating because there is always going to be tomorrow?

Are you going to shrink your dream because it’s “too big” to reach by the end of the year?


Are you going to PUSH full speed ahead & those goals & dreams?

Are you going to start TODAY & if you fail try again & again because you WILL get it right?

Are you going to tell yourself that right now where you’re at is the perfect place to start?

You may have tried before & something happened that made it all fall through, or maybe you think you can’t start yet. Whatever it is you want to start whether that’s a new job, quitting a job, starting a business, making a big move, going back to school, renovating your house, leaving a relationship, starting a new one, the list can go on & on.

Let me just say this DO NOT WAIT.

DO NOT fallback. DO IT. Take that leap of faith. Push towards that result. If you think you don’t have a dream or a goal why is that? Maybe take 10 minutes to ask yourself “where will I be in 5 years & will I be happy with that?” Not content, but truly filled with joy knowing that what you’ve done over the past 5 years has been more fulfilling than you could ever imagine.

These next 49 days may be hard, long, & exhausting but worth every minute because there will also be laughs, accomplishments, love, & joy. Mama them count. Make every day count. Don’t spend it feeling ashamed or beating yourself up for something you did or didn’t do. When you fall, fall forward because that’s the direction you’re going in! You can’t fail, you can only learn. Figure out how to improve. If you feel like you’re going nowhere the getup & get moving!

Small actions each day make big impacts in the long run.

Hold on tight sweet friends we’re going all in & I want YOU by my side when we do.

Love, mama D

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