On Purpose for a Purpose

This blog has gotten put on hold for quite some time. When I think I know what to write about I second guess myself or make an excuse as to why I “can’t” write. I heard something on a podcast the other day that really struck me. It made me think I had to write … Continue reading On Purpose for a Purpose

No One said It’d be Easy

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. Ever since I was a little girl I knew being a mother was the one thing in life I truly wanted. Motherhood is so beautiful and ugly at the same time. Recently I’ve seen many mothers talk about and show the ugly side of motherhood, the side people … Continue reading No One said It’d be Easy


Last night my baby girl was up every hour. She has her bottom teeth coming in and they are kicking her butt. She’s uncomfortable and irritated. She’s cranky, so when she wakes up, she cries. I get up every time she does. I feed her, change her, and usually she’ll go right back to bed; … Continue reading Reminder