Sand-like Sensory Bin

I don’t know about you but I struggle to find different things to use as a sensory bin for my kiddos. It’s so silly when I think about it because a sensory bin can literally be ANYTHING! I think I get caught up in the fact that it has to look cute and aesthetically pleasing, … Continue reading Sand-like Sensory Bin

Let’s Paint It All

My little ones LOVE going outside. As soon as the weather went from cold to warm they were out there in a heartbeat as often as they could. Normally they go off and do their own thing. We have several toys out in our backyard that they play with, but occasionally I get a chance … Continue reading Let’s Paint It All

Spring Craft

Hello, again fellow blog readers! I hope you’ve been enjoying these simple DIY/Crafting activities I’ve been posting. It’s such a great way to get new ideas for what to do at home with your kiddos! Today is another step by step craft. This is part of a spring craft train some friends and I are … Continue reading Spring Craft