Spring Cleaning

I never really understood why people called it to spring cleaning. Growing up my mom just cleaned all the time & for extra-long special cleaning projects, she would just pick a random day.

I knew spring cleaning meant getting rid of things, mainly clutter, but it was never something we specifically did around the designated spring cleaning time. Even as I got older & got my own home nothing ever changed. This time around however I felt the urge to “Spring Clean”!

Have you ever researched spring cleaning? What does it mean? What do people do specifically around this time? Is it just cleaning or does it have something to do with our bodies as well? I encourage you to take a look into it. You’ll be surprised by what you find out, I know I was.

One thing I learned was around this time of year we get that urge to clean more. The sun is coming out more, the cold is going away & warmer days are ahead. When it’s cold we don’t want to do much. We put off certain things that can be neglected for a while. I mean who wants to do extra work in the cold, not me. I’d rather be cuddled up or having indoor fun with the kiddos.

This year I have a list of things I want to clean out & organize. Things I wouldn’t normally clean. The other day I cleaned all the doors in my house. Yeah, that’s not something that’s on my to-do list every week. I thought I’d share with you some of what’s on my spring cleaning list!

⁃ Clean & organize all closets

⁃ Purge toys

⁃ Clean all baseboards

⁃ Clean windows & windowsills

⁃ Purge my clothes

⁃ Clean on top of fridge & cabinets

⁃ Clean behind fridge, stove, & washer/dryer

Now, this isn’t including my normal every week/ every other week cleaning. These will be added to my lists & be done mainly on weekends when I’m able to have help w/ the kids.

What are you doing for spring cleaning? Do you get that sudden urge in your body to just clean the entire house & start organizing & throwing things out, or are you more of the I’ll get to it sometime this year?

For more spring cleaning head over & check out some of my friends blogs!

Click their photo down below to be taken to their blogs.






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